OptiPulse optical wireless solves internet deployment problem

There are several problems when it comes to building the Internet. Network builders install wireless and wire line Internet in towns, cities and states from coast to coast. Today’s solution for some of these problems is time consuming and costly. What if there was a way to solve this at lower cost, with less time and with less government involvement?

That’s the challenge a new company called OptiPulse is taking on with their new optical wireless technology. In fact, they have many partners including the U.S. Army and companies like Sacred Wind Communications, Plateau Communications and more.

These are government agencies and companies who need the broadband technology that OptiPulse has developed. In fact, every internet builder has these same problems. This helps Internet Service Providers solve several of these costly and time-consuming problem.

OptiPulse optical wireless transmits data 100 times faster than 5G

OptiPulse wants to make it easier for companies to bring top speed and value of the internet to everyone and make overloaded networks a thing of the past.

They say that they transmit data 100 times faster than 5G. This will solve the problems many networks face. And they do this wirelessly, and at only a fraction of the cost Internet companies are spending today.

This operates in all generations of wireless data service, including 4G, 5G and 6G. This is a separate system but works with and optimizes traditional wireless and wire line data Internet networks.

OptiPulse executives say that their first product will be launched later this year. And that is why other companies and government agencies are working with them to get ready for launch.

Working with other companies and agencies only increases their chance of success.

Current limits on internet growth that must be solved

The problems being addressed are simple. There are limits on the Internet that impede on its value to many. Overloaded networks simply get in the way. As Internet traffic only continues to grow, overloaded networks will increasingly be a problem.

That’s why every internet network builder has to keep updating and expanding their reach, speed and capacity.

Another problem comes when they reach a stream or river. Today, they have to get permits, dig deep and string fiber under the water.

The OptiPulse idea is to transmit data traffic wirelessly. They set up the transmitter and receiver and send the data over the river and through the air. This is a quick and easy solution to a growing, costly and time-consuming problem.

Optical wireless sends Internet traffic wirelessly bypassing impediments

You see, a faster and more powerful Internet will strengthen economies, protects national security, serve under-connected and even un-connected areas and people and so much more.

Over the last few decades, I have heard from government leaders and business leaders of cities, states and federal agencies looking for a way to improve their Internet. Some see it as a competitive advantage. Others see it as becoming another cost of doing business, but a necessary cost.

Then there are the areas of the country who don’t have anything at all. Some had slow wire line service. Others had spotty wireless service.

You see big vendors first focus on large cities. Then over time they move to less populated areas. This makes sense because they will generate more income from larger cities.

This left many areas of the country in a dry zone. That too is what OptiPulse sees as a big growth opportunity.

This hurdle networks face are some of the growth opportunities for Optipulse

In the past, the same thing happened with the telephone network. That’s why the U.S. government ultimately subsidized telephone companies to bring service to the country.

Internet broadband is becoming indispensable to all

As each year passes, we know the Internet is becoming indispensable to everyone for a wide variety of reasons.

In fact, during this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace of growth and expansion has only accelerated the need and demand for such services. It sent us all home to work and study. That put enormous pressures on the capacity of the Internet providers to meet the new, growing and shifting demand.

This growing demand wave will only continue and in fact, increase.

That’s why internet network builders are continually rushing to upgrade and expand their capacity.

Today, too many homes and businesses are stuck with underperforming Internet connections making its use frustrating at best and unusable at worst.

When the internet network is being built, it often comes to an obstacle. Then the only options are very expensive like drilling deep and going under or around.

OptiPulse instead is designed to simply put a transmitter and receiver on a building or tower and wirelessly beams the internet traffic over a river or around a building or mountain.

This quickly and much more affordably solves the problem. This is a quick and lower cost solution that every network can use.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast, Spectrum, Altice are internet providers

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Altice, Cox all provide Internet.

In fact, small and mid-size phone companies, wireless companies, cable TV companies, Internet providers and more also provide Internet. They have a lower ability to solve this problem on their own.

There are countless smaller ISP’s who need photonics as well

This optical wireless technology photonics story could be a game changer for all the providers and builders of Internet networks. 

The larger networks run into this problem all the time. They have developed ways to solve the problem, but these are costly and time consuming.

The smaller networks run into the same problem, but don’t have the larger budgets to solve this problem.

OptiPulse video on WeFunder explains their strategy

Both need other options. That’s what Optipulse says they provide. There is a video of Optipulse on its WeFunder page. It may help fill in some of the blanks. https://wefunder.com/optipulse

So, Optipulse is a new company with a new idea to solve a real problem Internet network builders face. Their ambitious plan is to take on the real, sizable and costly problems that rapidly growing Internet traffic creates.

This new technology is very interesting. It can solve real broadband problems. So, I will keep watching them and their progress in the wireless and wire line Internet space as they move forward.

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